Idea Talk: Is Your Business Ready to Adapt to the Communication Channel Preference of Your Customers?

Is your business ready to adapt to the different preferences of the changing customer attitude? Join us to explore this train of thought!


Have you ever been asked for your E-mail address to be put on file for a particular company, and all you could think about is “Oh, God…spam mail!” It’s an icky feeling to know that you’re sort of trap in a never ending cycle of emails about promotions and deals readily handed to you via E-mail.

Mail Spam
Just an example =)


Those weird text messages or push notification that pop up out of nowhere! Like:


That..can get pretty annoying. The good news is that companies now a day allow you to opt out of individual communications channel. So if you don’t want an Email or a text message from the business, you won’t get one. But why do companies even do this if they have a way out for the customer? (…maybe because it’s the law.)

But the more important question to ask is; what if all of the communication channels that you currently have in your marketing tool shed is irrelevant to you customers. What we mean is with changing attitudes and behavior, no customer’s preferences are alike (well maybe there are overlaps), so why should you treat your communication strategy with a broad stroke?

Are you adaptive enough to cater to you customer’sĀ preference?

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Idea Talk! Market Segmentation with AI

This post talks about how we can potentially apply automation into one of the most well known principles of marketing…segmentation. For this post, we’re going to be focusing on segmentation for the purpose of customer loyalty rather than awareness.

Why businesses even the small businesses should care about audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a well-known principle of marketing for those in the field. For those who are not in the field, in short, it is dividing up your current audience/customer base into different groups.

For example, if you run a small retail store, your customer segmentation could be:

Customer Segmentation example

Customer segmentation is used in many marketing goals; like awareness, conversion, etc. For this post’s purpose, we’re going to focus on segmentation used to bring customers back into the stores, i.e., customer lifetime value and loyalty. After all, Wali is all about helping you extend your customer loyalty.

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