Wali’s Upcoming Feature; Digital Menu, It’s More than Digitizing Your Physical Menu

Wali’s new feature: Digital Menu is under way! Our engineers are working hard to roll out this feature soon, here’s a sneak peak of what we are thinking it will do.


We’ve been toying with a new feature to add to our product line for quite some time now and as the title would suggest it’s going to allow you to digitize your physical menu. We think that for a lot of business owners especially in the Food industry, your menu is not going to stay in place for long. You’ll need to update it, and we can shave off some print cost and some time by integrating it into our dashboard.

A larger benefit, is to leverage a User interface that your customer most often use when engaging with your business to collect some juicy data about how well your product line is doing?

Below is a visual diagram of our thinking process when developing this tool, but we’re thinking beyond just simple software data collection. Of course, we are heading towards an AI solution (we’re an AI company after all.) We believe that like the digital rewards tools we already have to offer, the digital menu is another gateway for business to collect customer behavior data, live.


The Value Proposition:

Here’s a little trade secret to AI, the more data you have, the better the model, meaning that data is needed if you want to make pin-point accuracy on your product line to answer questions like:

How can I boost sales of my dessert item for today (in real time, not when the day is over)

Instead of a blind recommendation, how can I know which product the customers are interested in (i.e. looking at) but aren’t buying? 

Can I allow my customer to give out stars review per item on my menu so that I can track which item on the menu is perceived to be the best product that I offer? (Micro-track menu item)

I want to be able to update my menu frequently?

From our Digital Menu, we can track and collect all of this data and disseminate analysis in real time so you as the owner or manager can be quicker on your feet about how your product is doing, live data is valuable.

Essentially, the digital menu is another channel to collect data. At the end of the day, we all of this is about optimizing your business to the best that it can be with our AI technology. Data, however, is needed to do all of the fun AI stuff.

How will it work/look like?

Basically, exactly how you would imagine it. We digitized your menu so that you can have it in a web format (for your online presence purposes.) While in the store you can display your menu in tablet kiosk so that users can interact with your menu directly.

Physically in the store, you can display your menu in tablet kiosk so that users can interact with your menu directly.


If your business model doesn’t call for tablet kiosk you can allow your customers to interact with the web version straight from their phones, they make a choice and you receive the order and the data.

We won’t bore you with the background coding that we will have, but ideally, in the front-end, it is an interface for customers to your business that goes beyond store front. In the back-end, it is collecting data and assimilating those data to fortify your business’s AI algorithm our “Wali’s business brain”.

Private Channels

With the Digital Menu collecting data and being an interface of your customer, you can then use our Private Channel (another Wali’s feature) to communicate directly with your customer.

For example:

On the web-version of your menu, you see that a lot of your customers are hovering/looking at your “spaghetti” dish, you can then send out a message to those customers enticing them to come in and try your dish either with a message or a really good looking pic of it, or a discount.

The above example, of course, assumes that you have your customer’s phone number so you can contact them. For past customers maybe you have that information provided by our Membership program. But for future customers, we will have an option for them to input their information directly from the Digital Menu. That way you have another gateway to collect contact information for your business.

Rolling Out…Now! =) 

This feature will already out! And we are testing driving this feature with some of our business partners already. See a preview below:


Still a work in progress but this is a look at the menu from the front end. This is just one example from Young Tea. The TV above the cashier is just one example of how Wali’s digital menu can be customized. We hope to be able to give you more example soon as to the flexibility of our menu to can be adapted to your business!

As always thanks for reading!

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