Wali’s Upcoming Feature; Digital Menu, It’s More than Digitizing Your Physical Menu

Wali’s new feature: Digital Menu is under way! Our engineers are working hard to roll out this feature soon, here’s a sneak peak of what we are thinking it will do.


We’ve been toying with a new feature to add to our product line for quite some time now and as the title would suggest it’s going to allow you to digitize your physical menu. We think that for a lot of business owners especially in the Food industry, your menu is not going to stay in place for long. You’ll need to update it, and we can shave off some print cost and some time by integrating it into our dashboard.

A larger benefit, is to leverage a User interface that your customer most often use when engaging with your business to collect some juicy data about how well your product line is doing?

Below is a visual diagram of our thinking process when developing this tool, but we’re thinking beyond just simple software data collection. Of course, we are heading towards an AI solution (we’re an AI company after all.) We believe that like the digital rewards tools we already have to offer, the digital menu is another gateway for business to collect customer behavior data, live.

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