All the giveaway strategies during the Superbowl season that you could apply for Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

During the Superbowl season, Sabra Hummus did a $500,000 giveaway. By doing this, Sabra Hummus really gained tons of public eyes, and we have to say this is a great marketing strategy! This received coverage from many big news organizations who talked about this campaign, and surely Sabra Hummus gained many new followers online as well as offline customers.

Sabra Hummus is not the only one that does giveaways. A giveaway marketing strategy is growing in the Instagram community now. How can you also use this giveaway to track new customers, gain online exposure, and increase your valentine’s day sales?

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How to retain a strong brand identity while riding a trend #dollypartonchallange

Every modern business dreams of having their online store overflowing with traffic and a long line in front of their physical store. Take Amazon for example, during Prime day the company’s executives might be yelling at their tech team when the site does down due to the high volume of users searching for the best deals. but nothing can hide the smiles on their faces even though this is a serious issue.

This is one of the best problems to have and every business wants this. In the current era, social media channels are definitely one of the important ways that this can become a reality to get traffic. Now when we talk about social media, there is no way we can ignore “Trends”.

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How to maximize the return from Marketing Budget

Ever heard of the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, there is a reason this saying has lasted through the ages. It’s practical and makes a lot of sense. In our digital world, we might not have baskets but we have channels. Your campaigns and marketing time and resources should not all go into one channel. But how do you know which to invest in and which has the highest yield in terms of conversions?

This is where customer infrastructure data analysis comes in. we are no longer just talking about waiting for your clients to come to your site or page and give you feedback that you feed into your CRM system. Businesses have to be ready to go the extra mile and get non-intrusive data from their client’s online behavior and use this data to their company’s advantage.

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So you had visitors coming from a few places to say hi and shop around, but did you think to find out where these customers were coming from. Sure you can just ask them but not everyone is going to answer or some might think you are a bit too intrusive. But what if you could get this information and not have to jump through so many hoops.

By integrating tools that integrate into your CRM and existing campaigns, you are able to do more than just wait for your customer’s responses. Your business should be able to know where your clients are coming from and in what volume as opposed to your overall marketing schema. This not only saves you expenses but allows you to focus your budget on what areas yield the most. Plus adjust strategy for those that do not yield as much.

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Why your social media is not good enough? And what to do about it.

The world as we know is changing and people are getting more and more plugged in. We know you tried to be at where your clients live and function, but it doesn’t always work out as you thought. As a smart business owner, what are some ways you could do to build a better interactive relationship with your customers? How can you turn one-off purchases into long-lasting engagement? 

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The Magic of Targeted Messaging

It’s the end of the year and the holidays are in full swing. Shoppers are out getting in that last-minute purchase done, while businesses are offering promos and discounts to attract in those same shoppers. Yes, this is a time where a lot of money changes hands and the gods of commerce throw their heads back and laugh with reckless abandon.

For the smart business owner, this season presents a lot of opportunities and a chance to endear themselves to their customer base. It is a time where smart promotions can yield great results if done right. Following the suggestions we have below, you will see significant growth in your next quarter sales. 

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No more hour-long waiting lines at Dalongyi, Seattle’s hottest new hotpot location

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Dalongyi, the exciting new hotpot location in Seattle was met with extraordinary reception. Customers flooded the restaurant for a taste of Dalongyi’s exquisite dishes and flavors. The high demand resulted in hour-long waiting lines and waiters struggling to serve customers fast enough. However, with the implementation of the new Wali table-side ordering system, the food is ordered effectively and efficiently so that waiters can focus on the customers’ experience rather than serving dishes on time.

“Everything is very smooth,” says John, the DaLongYi manager about the new ordering system.  “It is easy for us to change the pictures on the menu because we have to change things regularly, for example, seafood. We have changed it seasonally since we cannot always get all kinds of seafood all the time.” John also loves that the system provides a sense of nostalgia to customers from Asia, where kiosk ordering systems are more common than here in America. 

The Wali ordering system also helps with kitchen flow and improves customer service. “Sometimes it is busy, our servers might not be seen the customers in time; however, Wali tablet side order can solve the problem by customers ordering by themselves, everything will be in the kitchen on time,” notes John. By automizing customer interactions, Wali allows restaurants to work much faster and make the experience better for everyone.

“Wali table side order can solve the problem by customers ordering by themselves, everything will be in the kitchen on time”

John, Dalongyi Hotpot manager

Improved Customer Service with a Faster and More Efficient Tech Solution

The table side ordering system helps customers save a lot of time standing in line and waiting for a table. Customers can now enter their phone numbers in the Wali system which will eventually notify them when their table is ready. Through this, customers can use their wait time to go shopping or browse the area. Customers no longer need to wait for a server to come to attend them but can send their orders straight to the kitchen. Furthermore, restaurants can personalize their menus with descriptions or pictures to help customers order.

John, Dalongyi’s manager, recently took his team to the most famous hotpot location in China in order to observe and imitate their use of flavors and speedy service. They discovered that they used a table-side ordering system and found that it drastically reduced customer wait times and sped up kitchen workflow. Noticing its positive effects overseas, Dalongyi wanted to provide the best possible dining experience, leading to their decision to use the Wali table-side ordering system.

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An Upgrade in System and Service

Wali, an internet technology company, aims to provide service to help local businesses improve customer service 10 years ago, people may have thought of A.I. technology was both a distant concept and totally unrelated to dining. However, with Wali’s help, artificial intelligence is closer than we think, it can be easily installed and cost-efficient method to help improve the experience of both customers and restaurateurs alike. Wali’s interface has A.I technology and very useful analytic features for transparent management of restaurant flow. Although all actions can be done in the cloud, Wali ensures to keep the information of customers confidential. For example, Wali’s A.I system can track the most popular menu items, normal waiting times for any business, and such. Wali has assisted Dalongyi with helping understand customer behavior and other business aspects by continuously analyzing customers’ interaction with the restaurant. This has allowed Dalongyi to evaluate the data and move in the right direction.

A Delicious Combination of Food and Technology

With more customers to handle, Dalongyi needed a table-side ordering system that was more than just a tablet with a menu. Wali is not only advantageous by providing technological solutions for business owners, but also is very helpful with giving customers recommendations on ordering and promotions.

John, Dalongyi’s manager, has mentioned the easiness of Wali’s table-side ordering system for first-time users. After playing with it, scrolling through menus, and looking at beautifully displayed pictures, first-time users seem to pick it up very quickly. For customers from areas where table-side ordering systems are common, the Wali system gives them a warm sense of familiarity. 

Wali’s ordering system is a sleek and modern solution to a restaurant owner’s problems. Wali’s ordering system drastically improves customer service and speeds up kitchen workflow. Every restaurant should adopt this beautiful solution to a problem that all restaurants struggle with: long waiting lines. Pick Wali and take your first step to a more efficient future.

Plus, who can’t use a little extra help?

Interview with John, manager of Dalongyi Hotpot

We Predict, the next shift in customer interface for brick and mortar will be Mobile-less…Or at least you have to carry less stuff in your pants

With new technology being released, we’re looking ahead to see how the tech landscape would affect customer touch points.

Apple has been known to mainstream a lot of technology that might be considered to be marginal. Whether you agree with this or not but the removal of the headphone 3.5mm is one example of this risk-taking that mainstreams the whole industry. We say mainstreaming because a lot of smartphone producers are silently cutting out the 3.5mm adaptor in their new models, not all of course, but the industry designs are slowly going in that direction.

Why are we talking about Apple? Because one thing that they are trying to mainstream now that we think is interesting is facial recognition. Now by no means that Apple was the first one to think of using facial recognition as a security tool for your phone, in fact, we give nods to Samsung for beating Apple in that race. But this blog post isn’t about which company is better because there is a lot of opinion about this topic out there. This blog post is about how identification technology is evolving and how it’s going to change the way any businesses with a storefront recognize their customers.

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