How Wali Can Help Improve Your Manager’s Day

Let’s take a look at why your business could benefit from employing Wali in your digital solution!

For this blog post, we’re going to try and experiment with those who prefer graphics over words. A lot of people (probably 80% of the world’s population) are visual learners, and thus far our blog’s format has been reliant on text. So let’s try something new! So to all the graphics lover out there, this post is for you! ❤️️


If you didn’t already know; Our product line Wali has many useful modules that you can leverage to make your day a lot easier! From our Digital Loyalty to our Private channels, everything we develop has one thing in mind: “Make the user’s life easier!”

We thought that in this installment we compile an infographic that best conveys a day in a life of a manager if your business employs Wali.

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Wali’s Upcoming Feature; Digital Menu, It’s More than Digitizing Your Physical Menu

Wali’s new feature: Digital Menu is under way! Our engineers are working hard to roll out this feature soon, here’s a sneak peak of what we are thinking it will do.

We’ve been toying with a new feature to add to our product line for quite some time now and as the title would suggest it’s going to allow you to digitize your physical menu. We think that for a lot of business owners especially in the Food industry, your menu is not going to stay in place for long. You’ll need to update it, and we can shave off some print cost and some time by integrating it into our dashboard.

A larger benefit, is to leverage a User interface that your customer most often use when engaging with your business to collect some juicy data about how well your product line is doing?

Below is a visual diagram of our thinking process when developing this tool, but we’re thinking beyond just simple software data collection. Of course, we are heading towards an AI solution (we’re an AI company after all.) We believe that like the digital rewards tools we already have to offer, the digital menu is another gateway for business to collect customer behavior data, live.

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Idea Talk: Is Your Business Ready to Adapt to the Communication Channel Preference of Your Customers?

Is your business ready to adapt to the different preferences of the changing customer attitude? Join us to explore this train of thought!

Have you ever been asked for your E-mail address to be put on file for a particular company, and all you could think about is “Oh, God…spam mail!” It’s an icky feeling to know that you’re sort of trap in a never ending cycle of emails about promotions and deals readily handed to you via E-mail.

Mail Spam
Just an example =)


Those weird text messages or push notification that pop up out of nowhere! Like:


That..can get pretty annoying. The good news is that companies now a day allow you to opt out of individual communications channel. So if you don’t want an Email or a text message from the business, you won’t get one. But why do companies even do this if they have a way out for the customer? (…maybe because it’s the law.)

But the more important question to ask is; what if all of the communication channels that you currently have in your marketing tool shed is irrelevant to you customers. What we mean is with changing attitudes and behavior, no customer’s preferences are alike (well maybe there are overlaps), so why should you treat your communication strategy with a broad stroke?

Are you adaptive enough to cater to you customer’s preference?

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Idea Talk: An Efficiency Comparison Between Different Digital Marketing Avenue

Which digital channels are best for you business’ needs? Not all are the same and not all may fit your business.

When it comes to digital marketing channels, there sure are a lot of ways for your business to get customers nowadays. For the purpose of focus of this post, we’re going to center our position on three digital channels: Website, Social Media, and SEO. We’re focusing on these three because when we talk to small businesses (including our clients) these three seems to bubble up as the top of mind for many small businesses struggling to understand digital marketing.

Digital Whiteboard

All three digital categories mentioned all serve the same purpose; allowing your customers to find YOU! Just like the traditional method, there are many channels/or ways to reach to your target audiences. But for us here at Wali, it is not a one size fit all methodology. In fact, when working with a lot of small businesses we found that there are niche solutions applicable to each individual companies. We discovered that different companies absolutely need to have a website, whereas others don’t.

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Idea Talk! Market Segmentation with AI

This post talks about how we can potentially apply automation into one of the most well known principles of marketing…segmentation. For this post, we’re going to be focusing on segmentation for the purpose of customer loyalty rather than awareness.

Why businesses even the small businesses should care about audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a well-known principle of marketing for those in the field. For those who are not in the field, in short, it is dividing up your current audience/customer base into different groups.

For example, if you run a small retail store, your customer segmentation could be:

Customer Segmentation example

Customer segmentation is used in many marketing goals; like awareness, conversion, etc. For this post’s purpose, we’re going to focus on segmentation used to bring customers back into the stores, i.e., customer lifetime value and loyalty. After all, Wali is all about helping you extend your customer loyalty.

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Wali Wednesday: Hello World! 3 Things about Wali

Wali and what we do

It dawns on us starting to blog now, that we of the Wali team haven’t introduced ourselves to the world quite yet. For this post, this is going to be our official “Hello” letter to the world. So here we go; let’s get acquainted, shall we?

First, of Our Mascot: 

He’s a cutie pie, with a purpose just like us! (*wink.) But what would a bunny rabbit like this have anything to do with a Tech Solution company? Well, when we first started out, we looked around for some design ideas, and there were some fresh ideas out there. But, none of them were going to be in our voice. So Wali the bunny came to be. A lot of companies out there are going for “cool kids” kind of design, and we wanted to go in a different direction that reflects how we work together.

Eventually, though, we’re hoping that he becomes less 2D and be more animated. Leading up to our goal making him be a digital assistance in our dashboard, remember the paperclip back when MS Word had him. Probably not as sassy but rather more helpful!

MS Word Paperclip

Second, What we are trying to do: 

What we are trying to do is, in short, is creating a business level ecosystem for any small/medium size business. While this ecosystem has many different features like membership service, loyalty rewards program, digital menu etc…it’s end goal is one thing: Data Collection.

Pics for Blog

The reason why we started this company was that we saw a rather large gap between what marketing tech that the bigger enterprise was using versus the small/medium(SMB) size business. A lot of SMBs have a general idea that using tech can potentially help the small business run smoother, but don’t know how useful the tech application can be.

We think that the market, especially with SMBs are ripe to progress to a new age of marketing. Not just with software, but also with AI assistance.

“What we want to do is fundamentally re-write how SMBs are looking at marketing, digitally and traditionally.”

What we want to do is fundamentally re-write how SMBs are looking at marketing, digitally and traditionally. We want SMBs to realize that their stores can be much stronger than what it is now. That SMB like yours could keep track of things like menus, customers, marketing, etc. to make accurate decisions about their business. Essentially, we are bringing the precisions that bigger enterprise have been optimizing for quite some time now to the SMB level. Just because you are small business owners, you don’t need to be left behind tech-wise.

Because we got your back!

We believe that small businesses like yours can compete with the same level of data competency as with large enterprises. Not only rooting for you but helping you making that dollar dough! 😉


Third, Who we are: 

At our core we are engineers. Software engineers to be more specifically. We banded together because we believe that small businesses deserve some love in technology just as much as big enterprises. No reason why big dudes should have all the fun right?



We’re not going to spill all of the beans quite yet, as for now, this is just our elevator introduction to the world!

Keep on Keeping on Walians! ❤

Tech Talk! Customer service automation, leveraging Facebook Messenger for customer service

A new proposal for Customer Service Automation

There has been a conundrum within the business sector about the ever elusive problem of customer service. Good and bad customer services it seems depends on whether or not companies (at least the big ones) are using robots to talk to the customers or a person.

As a customer when we call the hotlines; we pray to heavens that it will be a person on the other side of that line talking to us. So Why do we hate talking to a bot so much? It boils down to the fact that we cannot vent our frustration towards a Bot rather when it’s a person we’re hoping the person on the other end of the line has enough empathy and help us fix whatever issue that we want to fix ASAP.

The Old Model for Bots is Crap! (excuse the French) 

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