Why your social media is not good enough? And what to do about it.

The world as we know is changing and people are getting more and more plugged in. We know you tried to be at where your clients live and function, but it doesn’t always work out as you thought. As a smart business owner, what are some ways you could do to build a better interactive relationship with your customers? How can you turn one-off purchases into long-lasting engagement? 

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The Magic of Targeted Messaging

It’s the end of the year and the holidays are in full swing. Shoppers are out getting in that last-minute purchase done, while businesses are offering promos and discounts to attract in those same shoppers. Yes, this is a time where a lot of money changes hands and the gods of commerce throw their heads back and laugh with reckless abandon.

For the smart business owner, this season presents a lot of opportunities and a chance to endear themselves to their customer base. It is a time where smart promotions can yield great results if done right. Following the suggestions we have below, you will see significant growth in your next quarter sales. 

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No more hour-long waiting lines at Dalongyi, Seattle’s hottest new hotpot location

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Dalongyi, the exciting new hotpot location in Seattle was met with extraordinary reception. Customers flooded the restaurant for a taste of Dalongyi’s exquisite dishes and flavors. The high demand resulted in hour-long waiting lines and waiters struggling to serve customers fast enough. However, with the implementation of the new Wali table-side ordering system, the food is ordered effectively and efficiently so that waiters can focus on the customers’ experience rather than serving dishes on time.

“Everything is very smooth,” says John, the DaLongYi manager about the new ordering system.  “It is easy for us to change the pictures on the menu because we have to change things regularly, for example, seafood. We have changed it seasonally since we cannot always get all kinds of seafood all the time.” John also loves that the system provides a sense of nostalgia to customers from Asia, where kiosk ordering systems are more common than here in America. 

The Wali ordering system also helps with kitchen flow and improves customer service. “Sometimes it is busy, our servers might not be seen the customers in time; however, Wali tablet side order can solve the problem by customers ordering by themselves, everything will be in the kitchen on time,” notes John. By automizing customer interactions, Wali allows restaurants to work much faster and make the experience better for everyone.

“Wali table side order can solve the problem by customers ordering by themselves, everything will be in the kitchen on time”

John, Dalongyi Hotpot manager

Improved Customer Service with a Faster and More Efficient Tech Solution

The table side ordering system helps customers save a lot of time standing in line and waiting for a table. Customers can now enter their phone numbers in the Wali system which will eventually notify them when their table is ready. Through this, customers can use their wait time to go shopping or browse the area. Customers no longer need to wait for a server to come to attend them but can send their orders straight to the kitchen. Furthermore, restaurants can personalize their menus with descriptions or pictures to help customers order.

John, Dalongyi’s manager, recently took his team to the most famous hotpot location in China in order to observe and imitate their use of flavors and speedy service. They discovered that they used a table-side ordering system and found that it drastically reduced customer wait times and sped up kitchen workflow. Noticing its positive effects overseas, Dalongyi wanted to provide the best possible dining experience, leading to their decision to use the Wali table-side ordering system.

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An Upgrade in System and Service

Wali, an internet technology company, aims to provide service to help local businesses improve customer service 10 years ago, people may have thought of A.I. technology was both a distant concept and totally unrelated to dining. However, with Wali’s help, artificial intelligence is closer than we think, it can be easily installed and cost-efficient method to help improve the experience of both customers and restaurateurs alike. Wali’s interface has A.I technology and very useful analytic features for transparent management of restaurant flow. Although all actions can be done in the cloud, Wali ensures to keep the information of customers confidential. For example, Wali’s A.I system can track the most popular menu items, normal waiting times for any business, and such. Wali has assisted Dalongyi with helping understand customer behavior and other business aspects by continuously analyzing customers’ interaction with the restaurant. This has allowed Dalongyi to evaluate the data and move in the right direction.

A Delicious Combination of Food and Technology

With more customers to handle, Dalongyi needed a table-side ordering system that was more than just a tablet with a menu. Wali is not only advantageous by providing technological solutions for business owners, but also is very helpful with giving customers recommendations on ordering and promotions.

John, Dalongyi’s manager, has mentioned the easiness of Wali’s table-side ordering system for first-time users. After playing with it, scrolling through menus, and looking at beautifully displayed pictures, first-time users seem to pick it up very quickly. For customers from areas where table-side ordering systems are common, the Wali system gives them a warm sense of familiarity. 

Wali’s ordering system is a sleek and modern solution to a restaurant owner’s problems. Wali’s ordering system drastically improves customer service and speeds up kitchen workflow. Every restaurant should adopt this beautiful solution to a problem that all restaurants struggle with: long waiting lines. Pick Wali and take your first step to a more efficient future.

Plus, who can’t use a little extra help?

Interview with John, manager of Dalongyi Hotpot

We Predict, the next shift in customer interface for brick and mortar will be Mobile-less…Or at least you have to carry less stuff in your pants

With new technology being released, we’re looking ahead to see how the tech landscape would affect customer touch points.

Apple has been known to mainstream a lot of technology that might be considered to be marginal. Whether you agree with this or not but the removal of the headphone 3.5mm is one example of this risk-taking that mainstreams the whole industry. We say mainstreaming because a lot of smartphone producers are silently cutting out the 3.5mm adaptor in their new models, not all of course, but the industry designs are slowly going in that direction.

Why are we talking about Apple? Because one thing that they are trying to mainstream now that we think is interesting is facial recognition. Now by no means that Apple was the first one to think of using facial recognition as a security tool for your phone, in fact, we give nods to Samsung for beating Apple in that race. But this blog post isn’t about which company is better because there is a lot of opinion about this topic out there. This blog post is about how identification technology is evolving and how it’s going to change the way any businesses with a storefront recognize their customers.

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Collaboration is the New Key to Success

In the world of stiff competition, why not find some collaborators to increase your business? Easier said than done of course, but eventually Wali can help you with that!


The Old Rules

In the current capitalist market, competition is easily understood, you compete for more customer, more share, more money. To the consumer competition is an intrinsic value of capitalism, businesses need to compete so that the products can be better for the customers; customers want businesses to compete for this very advantage. The U.S Government wants competition because they fear “Socialism” and Monopoly in the market. So business big and small are forced into this idea that we need to compete in order to win. We think that kind of idea of how businesses should compete in general is getting a bit stale. Just like technology, we think this idea of “competition” needs an upgrade.

Competition is necessary don’t get us wrong. But if you start to compete with everything relevant/relevant-adjacent players in the market you’ll quickly find yourself in a very bad spot. In any strategy games, if you’re playing on a board with eight other players and you’re the only player looking out for yourself, you’ll be expected to be attacked from every direction. And with limited resources, you’ll be the first to die if you think you can make it on your own. Why? Because the other players want to win as well, they won’t let you stand in the way of that.

You’ve probably heard it before when the enemy is too large, the little guys would stick together in order to beat the big guys. This idea isn’t new, but so few small businesses are doing this explicitly.

Now, coming together is more of a daunting task than one would realize.


Local Collaboration is Hard Without Data

Maybe because finding the business that you can actually work with is a very challenging task. And if you do manage to find someone to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make more money if you’re working together with someone to do like a special advertising campaign or whatever tactics you might come up with. Indeed, collaboration is tricky business.

As a small business owner, it is hard to compete with the level of intelligence that big business has in terms of how the market is looking. Even if you own a shop in a local mall, do you know how the store across from you is doing? And if you collaborate with them will this be beneficial? Not unless you spend of couple thousand of the dollar on market research to find out.

This barrier makes it hard for business to collaborate with one another because you never know which business is the best partner. So you’ll most likely shoot a dart in the dark until you find one that will be beneficial. Basically, trying to collaborate with another is hard without data to suggest that the partnership can be beneficial.

But we plan on fixing that.


Wali’s Tech helps the collaboration process

We want to make this collaboration process as easy and as profitable for all companies involved, that is our end-result design.

Some question that can go through your mind when you approach this process:

Imagine if you own a board game shop and want to collaborate with another company, ask yourself is collaborating with a company in the same industry help me be more profitable?


collaborating with a supplemental business be more useful?

If people buy a board game from you and they get 10% off with the next door bubble tea place, would that be better than collaborating with someone in the same industry? 

More question you could ask:

-You could also ask yourself which path does my audience take to get to my store and I could collaborate with another business at the beginning of that path to increase my awareness?

-What kind of collaboration? Should I go with a sale? Or a coupon giveaway


This is a lot of thinking, and the good news is that we are working on building something that will calculate and think through these Questions for you! Wali will eventually be able to suggest which businesses you can collaborate with that has the highest impact on customer value, profitability, revenue etc. (all base on your specification.) And at the touch of a button (on the dash,) you can communicate with the business of choice and an open channel will begin to be open for both businesses to talk about collaborating with one another.

Why are we building this module into our product line? Because we think that competition and its definition needs to be upgraded. As a small business, we think that good strategic collaboration is much more valuable than being stuck in the hyper aggressive competitive mentality.

If you look for collaborators you gain valuable allies to help your business and their business both grow! Imagine a tennis racket company collaborating with a tennis ball company…That kind of synergy is what we want to do for your business.


Product still matters

When we talk about competition, we want to stress that sometimes it is good to take a step towards collaboration. Making some friends along the way is helpful to the survivability of your small business. Rather than being hyper aggressive like those guys at the enterprise level.

You’re a small business owner, you don’t really need to worry about the noise that is associated with competition, like marketing messages, and analytics. Big enterprises have these metrics locked down and there is no way for you to even come close to their level because chances are you don’t have the infrastructure to levy against them.

But there is one thing to never let out of your mind.

The product competition is still an absolute must! Don’t ever shirk on the product that you are giving out to your customers. As a business, you will always want to compete at this level. Big or small, your business needs to prove itself why it is worthy to be in the market. Meaning that if you’re a toymaker shop and your making toys, don’t stop making the best toys out there, even if you are collaborating with another toy maker shop in the local area.

Good luck out there, and we’re rooting for you!








How Wali Can Help Improve Your Manager’s Day

Let’s take a look at why your business could benefit from employing Wali in your digital solution!

For this blog post, we’re going to try and experiment with those who prefer graphics over words. A lot of people (probably 80% of the world’s population) are visual learners, and thus far our blog’s format has been reliant on text. So let’s try something new! So to all the graphics lover out there, this post is for you! ❤️️


If you didn’t already know; Our product line Wali has many useful modules that you can leverage to make your day a lot easier! From our Digital Loyalty to our Private channels, everything we develop has one thing in mind: “Make the user’s life easier!”

We thought that in this installment we compile an infographic that best conveys a day in a life of a manager if your business employs Wali.

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Wali’s Upcoming Feature; Digital Menu, It’s More than Digitizing Your Physical Menu

Wali’s new feature: Digital Menu is under way! Our engineers are working hard to roll out this feature soon, here’s a sneak peak of what we are thinking it will do.

We’ve been toying with a new feature to add to our product line for quite some time now and as the title would suggest it’s going to allow you to digitize your physical menu. We think that for a lot of business owners especially in the Food industry, your menu is not going to stay in place for long. You’ll need to update it, and we can shave off some print cost and some time by integrating it into our dashboard.

A larger benefit, is to leverage a User interface that your customer most often use when engaging with your business to collect some juicy data about how well your product line is doing?

Below is a visual diagram of our thinking process when developing this tool, but we’re thinking beyond just simple software data collection. Of course, we are heading towards an AI solution (we’re an AI company after all.) We believe that like the digital rewards tools we already have to offer, the digital menu is another gateway for business to collect customer behavior data, live.

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